The 'HERE & NOW' paintings are a playground of light and form vibrating energetically against the retina. The emotional impact of the experience triggers connection to our dynamic nature. The rhythmic motion enlivens our senses - sometimes exciting - sometimes inciting contemplation. When we probe the mystery of our own inspirations, we open ourselves to our inner luminosity. Intuition can guide us to a place of peacefulness through the purity of these forms. Interacting with the paintings, we may experience a spark ... a bridge to the heart. The power and the possibility of these iconic paintings is to find that center ... the 'Here & Now'.

Richard Roblin September 2011

Here & Now

Time's Up

In Time

Fleeting Moment




At the Centre of Time

Dancing in Time

The Architect of Time


In the Beginning

Time Off

Free Time

Wave Length I

Limelight II

Parallel Universe

Steps in Time

Till the End of Time

The Best Time

Whimsical Time

Time Well Spent

Time is On My Side

The Right Moment

The Perfect Time

The Gift of Time

Present Time

Once Upon A Time

Joyous Moments

Fresh Time

Better All the Time

All in Good Time

Having a Wonderful Time